Café Loburg - LoburgLive presents: The Wedding Riot + DJ Myluska


Vrijdag 9 februari van 23:00 tot 02:00

The Wedding Riot is a project band that performs only a selected number of shows per year.

Its individual members have a strong preference for alternative rock, post punk and indie styles and this goes for show. With enthusiasm, The Wedding Riot plays known and lesser known covers from back in the eighties till present day (Think of Pixies, The Cure, Joy Division, The National, Radio Head and more). Doing so, approximating the original sound is put central, as is keeping the show very danceable!

The Wedding Riot will start at 23:00 sharp.

After the Concert DJ Myluska will take over the feet on the dancefloor in the domain of alternative styles.

The Wedding Riot has its origin in the last editions of the yearly big alternative parties in "De Wilde Wereld".
Band members: Wiebe Lammers: voice, guitar (former Moxa Overload), Patrick Zimmerman: voice, synthesizer, Martijn Boland: guitar (former Sally & So), Gerrit Scholten: drums (Mark & the Spies) en Johan van Woggelum: bass (former Caperune).

LOCATION: Café Loburg
DATE: Friday 9th of February
TIME: 23:00 hrs sharp