About us

About us
Wageningen Party Promotion is an online platform designed to give students from Wageningen an up-to-date and complete summary of all the upcoming parties. Wageningen is a sociable University town where you will quickly notice that 1 in 6 persons living there is student. Within the vibrant and enterprising student community a variety of parties is organized. Althrough the parties might be very different from those organized in your home country, we think it is at least worth a try! If you know when and where the parties are organized you will see there is more to do than just studying in Wageningen.

Since the foundation of Wageningen Party Promotion on June, 7th 2008 it has grown to an essential component of the Wageningen student life. With thousands of visitors every month on the website and over 4200 members on Facebook Wageningen Party Promotion has become thé party platform in Wageningen.

Tim Möhlmann
While studying in Wageningen I noticed not everyone knew where and when the parties were. This is a shame, as many parties and events are organized in Wageningen. That is why I decided to start Wageningen Party Promotion. After my study I started working at Wageningen University, keeping my connection to the Wageningen life. With the foundation of Wageningen Party Promotion I hope to have added something valuable to the Wageningen studentlife. By keeping (international) students up-to-date about the diversity of parties in Wageningen I hope they will be able to enjoy their time in Wageningen even more. For people that organize parties, WageningenUP creates an easy possibility to reach out to a lot of students in their target group to get their party started.

Viola Visser
When I knew I wanted to study in Wageningen I didn’t think of Wageningen as a busy student city. However I soon noticed there are enough nice parties, you only have to know where they are. With WageningenUP you have a quick and easy way to find out where the parties in Wageningen are. Perfect when friends come over and you can show what a nice student city Wageningen is. Besides studying I love to organise things. I was a member of the activity commission of my study associations ‘Di-et’tri’. I also enjoyed organise the first Wageningen Party Promotion party. Especially because it was such a success. I’m very happy with the website and I’m glad I can be a part of WageningenUP. I always keep looking for new parties and flyers of parties who aren’t on the website yet. In that way I know always were the best parties are. Where I like to go to as well!

Daan Möhlmann
I've never lived in Wageningen however when I was asked by Tim to create this website I was excited to work on it. I've enjoyed a few parties in Wageningen and they were good fun to be at. Having a couple of beers with friends has always been a good way to spend time for me, especially as a web-developer it's a welcome change in day-to-day life. Even though I don't live, or have lived in Wageningen myself I feel committed to this website as I very much like the initiative of keeping track of the parties in town and thus create a way for students to find each other. In my opinion every city should have a website like this!

Sven Menschel
I came in 2008 as a PhD to Wageningen. Living the last years in the party capital of Germany, I was in the beginning always drawn to parties in Amsterdam, Utrecht & Co. But the longer I lived in Wageningen, the more I noticed: Wageningen has, next to the student parties, with the right people quite some nice parties to offer. You just need to know where to look for them, which of course is not always the easiest coming here from abroad and not knowing anyone. By now I work in Wageningen as a photographer, that’s another reason why I am always interested, where something is going on. When I then found out in 2016 that WageningenUP needed some help to keep going, my decision was quickly made.