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Wageningen - Muziek bij de Buren

Zondag 10 december van 12:00 tot 18:00

Huiskamerfestival Muziek bij de Buren Wageningen gaat van start
Laat je verrassen door de muzikaliteit en gastvrijheid van Wageningen

Op zondagmiddag 10 december 2017 presenteert Wageningen voor de tweede maal wat het te bieden heeft aan opkomend en gearriveerd muzikaal talent. Uniek aan Muziek bij de Buren is dat de optredens plaatsvinden in minstens 30 huiskamers verspreid door de hele stad. Hier kun je luisteren naar optredens van lokale muzikanten; van jazz tot klassiek, van singer-songwriter tot elektronische beats. Tijdens Muziek bij de Buren ontmoet je de inwoners van Wageningen en maak je in de intieme sfeer van de huiskamer kennis met al het moois wat Wageningen op muzikaal vlak te bieden heeft. De optredens zijn vrij toegankelijk, zodat iedereen onbeperkt kan genieten van de Wageningse muzikaliteit en gastvrijheid.

Nationale Muziek bij de Burendag
Muziek bij de Buren is gestart, zodat muzikanten nieuw publiek ontmoeten en inwoners elkaar tegelijkertijd leren kennen. Dankzij social media staan wij in contact met de hele wereld, maar vaak kennen wij onze eigen buren niet eens. Daar wil Muziek bij de Buren verandering in brengen. Door de intieme setting van de huiskamer ontstaat persoonlijk contact tussen de muzikant, de huiseigenaar en de bezoekers. Bezoek aan één van de optredens geeft gegarandeerd een blijvende herinnering aan een warm onthaal van gastvrije en muzikale stadsgenoten.

Muziek bij de Buren mag zich inmiddels hét huiskamerfestival van Nederland noemen. Vorig jaar vonden er namelijk 1287 optredens plaats in 429 huiskamers verspreid over acht Nederlandse steden. Op 10 december 2017 zullen, tijdens deze Nationale Muziek bij de Burendag, deuren opengaan in maar liefst vijftien steden, waaronder Wageningen.

Meedoen met Muziek bij de Buren?
Enthousiaste inwoners van Wageningen kunnen zich vanaf 11 september opgeven als huiskamer, muzikant, of als beide! Inschrijven kan tot en met 13 oktober via de website van Muziek bij de Buren:

Organisatie Muziek bij de Buren Wageningen
Muziek bij de Buren is een initiatief van Stichting Muziek bij de Buren. De organisatie van Muziek bij de Buren Wageningen is in handen van enkele betrokken bewoners i.s.m. THUIS Wageningen en wordt ondersteund door meerdere lokale partners als: Junushoff, bblthk en Popcultuur Wageningen. Samen maken wij op 10 december van Wageningen één grote huiskamer.
Praktische informatie
Locaties: diverse huiskamers in Wageningen
Datum: zo 10 december 2017, 12:00 -18:00
Andere deelnemende steden: Bergen op Zoom, Deventer, Dordrecht, Ede, Enschede, Hengelo, Leeuwarden, Oss, Sneek, Uden, Velp, Vlaardingen, Arnhem en Zwolle.
Meer informatie en aanmelden:

ISOW - Winter Wonderland

Zaterdag 9 december van 19:00 tot 23:00

Join ISOW for our final event of 2017! This event revolves around all things winter and Christmas. Come and warm up with hot chocolate, marshmallows, gingerbread, Christmas movies, and some traditional Dutch Christmas games.

Upstairs in the ISOW kitchen we will have a gingerbread house baking competition. Are you good with icing and decorating? Or maybe you just like eating gingerbread, either way, come and join our gingerbread house compeition.

Head down to the dance room and enjoy popcorn and hot chocolate whilst watching some Christmas classics.

and who knows, whilst you are drinking your hot chocolate Sinterklaas may pay a visit...

Hope to see you there!

Forum - A Local Christmas Farmers Fair

Donderdag 7 december van 12:15 tot 14:15

Christmas is coming up...So right before you are all busy with studying for your last exams and before taking off to your families all over the world we would like to invite you to a cosy christmas fair in Forum!

Expect a similar set-up as the Farmers Market we organised in September, only this time with another - seasonal - decoration and some delicious Gluhwein!

Impulse - FRE at Wageningen University

Dinsdag 5 december van 12:30 tot 13:30

Entrance is free, the concert begins at 12:30

Impulse, building number 115
Stippeneng 2
6708 WE Wageningen

“This beautiful record showcases refreshingly original songs rooted in meaningful depictions of Frederike's deep connection to nature. The chemistry of the members of FRÉ is palpable, and as connected as the songs themselves.” - Becca Stevens

"Nature's Songs is a heartfelt collection of original music. Its message combines the personal with the universal, asking for reflection and appreciation. A true group effort; carefully crafted with attention to detail and played with urgency." - Ben van Gelder



FRÉ plays contemporary art songs whose lyrics carry uplifting, critical yet hopeful messages about the world we are living in. In Frederike’s songs that are influenced by a whole bunch of diverse artists, ranging from Becca Stevens to Joni Mitchell and Björk, each musician is free to speak with his own individual musical voice. This leads to a dynamic, intimate yet also danceable band sound with adventurous improvisations and playful arrangements.

Their new concept album „Nature’s Songs“ was released on 21st July on Fattoria Musica Records. With the music of this record, FRÉ hopes to show the listener how fundamentally fascinating and amazing different aspects of nature are, how they work together, how they keep each other alive, and what we can learn from them.

Thuis Wageningen - SocialErasmus Bake Off

Zondag 3 december van 15:00 tot 18:00

Show us your baking skills, bring delicious food, and give money to a good cause. The Bake Off is organized in collaboration with Red Cross, a student-run organization who raises money for Serious Request at the moment. With the proceeds of Serious Request 2017, Red Cross aid workers trace missing children, restore contact with their families and bring them back home.

In December, NPO 3FM will collect money to reunite parents with their children. More than four million family members worldwide have lost each other after a natural disaster, like extreme drought, flooding, and earthquakes, or in conflict areas such as Nigeria.
Parents can submit a search request to the Red Cross in a developing country. Emergency workers can search actively there for their family members.

When the family member is found, the Red Cross ensures that the member will be in contact with their family again. After this, the Red Cross brings the family member back to his or her family. This is a long and difficult progress and sometimes takes months or even years. The Red Cross is constantly looking for sustainable solutions to reduce the number of missing persons worldwide. This is how the organization is working hard for the importance of contact maintenance.

You can help the Red Cross by donating money during the Serious Request week here in Wageningen. This week is filled with different activities during the day and in the evening, starting on the 27th of November!

Check out their website to learn more about it (Dutch only):

Enthusiastic to start baking? Subscribe here, using this link:

You can subscribe until the very last moment. You can also come without subscribing, but preferably please do so, because this gives us an indication of the number of people who will be there.

LUCA - BoomRoom Downstairs

Zaterdag 2 december van 23:00 tot 04:00

The BoomRoom downstairs: 5 uur lang Club | House | Deep & Teckno.
Gratis entree. Deuren sluiten @ 02:00 18+

SHOUT - SHOUT Especial América Latina

Zaterdag 2 december van 22:00 tot 03:00

Are your hips stuck from all the studying or sitting in the office? Are you already fed up with winter before it even started? (#susproblemasseacabaram)! Come shake your sexy body with us on our Especial América Latina party (#atéochão)!
We’ll start with classic salsa songs to warm up the evening and later we’ll dance to the best of pop music from Latin América!

Next to the regular drinks we will also serve 4 specials at the bar:
Tequila shot American style for €2,00
Tequila shot Mexican style for €2,00
Cuba libre cocktail for €3,60
Tequila sunrise cocktail for €3,60

So come to dance on the best/happiest/most famous pop songs from Latin América and get a taste of gay culture in Latin América at SHOUT in the Wilde Wereld at Burgtstraat 1.

LUCA - IxESN 10 years

Vrijdag 1 december van 23:00 tot 04:00

To celebrate its 10th anniversary, IxESN Wageningen organizes an EXTRA party this study period! And not just a party, a Blacklight Party. So, bring all your white clothes and let's all shine bright all night!

Since many students are ending their semester here in Wageningen, this is your perfect goodbye party. Bring enough black markers with you so that you can write all your goodbye wishes on each other's white shirts and never forget about your Wageningen experience forever! So, you might want to wear an old white shirt that can be written on.

Nice to know, the first 100 people who dress up white get a FREE shot!
Doors close at 2AM, so make sure to be on time.

Date: Friday, December 1st
Time: 23:00h - 04:00h
Location: LUCA (Heerenstraat 31, 6701 DH Wageningen)
Dress code: White
Members FREE entrance
Non-members €2.50 (bring cash!)
Tickets will be sold at the door.

Don't forget to bring your valid ESNcard (all fields filled in + picture) to show at the door that you're a member, and ofcourse to get a discount on drinks at LUCA.

See you there!


KSV - IxESN: Special Weekly Drink: Dutch Association Night

Maandag 27 november van 20:30 tot 00:15

Come and experience a typical Dutch student night at K.S.V Franciscus (and have a cheap beer from the tap)!

This week's weekly drink is going to be a little bit more special, and somewhere else than Café Loburg, namely at the Dutch student association KSV Franciscus! This is a good chance to see a typical Dutch student association evening, which is very different from the open parties they host on Thursdays.

The weekly drink will be on the first floor, in the 'Kroegzaal', and members will be dressed in “jasje-dasje.” (This means wearing a formal jacket and no sneakers.) So if you want to fit in, wear that :D!

Entrance is FREE and the beer from tap will only be €1.10, and soda €0.90! The weekly drink starts from 20.30h onwards.

To experience a whole evening there is an opportunity to eat together with a student ''year club'' for only €4. This will start at 18.30h. Preferably let us know before Thursday, using this link:

Don't forget to bring your ESN card to show that you're a member of IxESN Wageningen!

Café Loburg - Emma's Comedy Nights

Maandag 27 november van 20:00 tot 22:30

Join MC Emma Holmes as she and five amazing comedians from around the Netherlands will take the stage again!

Date: 27/11/2017
Doors Open at 19:30
Show Starts at 20:00
Location: Café Loburg

IxESN-students (with valid card): 4€