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JUNI 2017

Spot - SPOT the UNIverse 2.0

Woensdag 7 juni van 19:00 tot 00:00

Summer is almost there and we're proud to announce the 2nd edition of the festive cultural event of the Spot: SPOT the UNIverse!!

This will be an evening to show the beauty of being in Wageningen with people from all around the world! A night with:

- Music (bands & DJ)
- Dancing
- Silent Disco *MAYBE*
- And lots of drinks and snacks

Come and join this international event on the 7th of June with your friends and spread the word!!

*Bring your wur card*

Shout - HOMO TOP 50

Zaterdag 3 juni van 23:00 tot 03:00

Het is weer tijd voor de grootste SHOUT feest klassieker aller tijden: de HOMO TOP 50. Wij gaan al jullie 50 meeste favoriete gay liedjes draaien op een avond!
Wie zou er dit jaar op nummr 1 staan?
Dat bepaal jij! Stem voor je favoriete gay liedjes via deze link
en dans de hele avond bij SHOUT op zaterdag 3 juni.

Luca - Fashion After Party W/ De la Niets

Vrijdag 2 juni van 22:00 tot 03:00

It's a wrap!!

Let's conclude Circular Fashion 2017 season in style with an After Party at Luca!

Fresh beats and funky vibes served by the DE LA NIETS crew.

Arrive early and ensure a sparkling entrance... Early birds receive a complimentary welcome drink!!

A wise woman once said: "Life is a party, dress like it". At the Fashion After Party there is no such thing as overdressed....

See you the 2nd!!!

KSV - Proud to be Goud!

Donderdag 1 juni van 23:00 tot 05:00

Open Feesten KSV Franciscus presents: Proud to be Goud!

Scoopie erbij en we gaan met z’n alle voor GOOOUUUD! Open Feesten KSV Franciscus presenteert ‘Proud to be Goud!’ Donderdag 1 Juni is iedereen weer welkom om stralend en glinsterend samen met ons te feesten. Dompel jezelf onder in gouden kleding en gouden pruiken en laat jezelf schminken met hoe kan het ook anders gouden verf. Ben je een gold digger, om door een gouden ring te halen of een gouwe ouwe, er is voor ieder wat wils. Les je dorst deze gedenkwaardige avond met heel veel goud pils. Proud to be Goud duurt voort tot de gouden ochtendgloren weer aanbreken. Dus zie jullie allen daar!

De deur is open van 23:00 tot 02.00, entree €4,-
Vergeet je collegekaart en ID-bewijs niet.
Entree alleen voor 18+

Bongerd - Thymos Sports Night

Donderdag 1 juni van 21:00 tot 02:30

Thymos Sports Night: A Night In Vegas!

The annual Sports Night is coming up again! On the 1st of June, you can play fun games until the late hours!

The theme will be “a night in Vegas” so are you ready for a gamble and are you up for a night you will never forget? Do you want to play games untill the middle of the night like achery tag, lasergaming and much more? Then gather a team and join us!

Subscribe your team (6-8 players) here:

MEI 2017

Spot - Game night at The Spot

Woensdag 31 mei van 17:00 tot 19:30

Come join us at a chill hang-out with some traditional boardgames!

We will provide some games, including our usual football and table tennis tables, but you can bring some and hang with your friends :) For the table tennis and football, we will revolve rounds so everyone has a chance to play.

See you!

Luca - Unitas:Bust 'Em Up Presents: Rave'n

Zaterdag 27 mei van 23:00 tot 04:00

Bust 'Em Up Crew brings Drum and Bass to the LUCA's basement once more!

Free Entrance - No student card required
Doors close at 02:00

Droevendaal - Rock Ascension Festival

Zaterdag 27 mei van 15:00 tot 04:00

Rock comes to Wagtown!

Saturday the 27th of may it's time for Music to return to the sex, drugs & Rock 'n Roll!! Live on stage great performances from the best bands Wageningen has to offer! In the light of celebrations and farewell's, multiple bands and artists will elevate music to a higher level and kick off the the start of the outdoor festival season with a vibe of the legendary woodstock festival in the air! The first 5 names of bands are released: Miss Gibbons, Gork A27, Ans & de Bosduvels, the Sticky Tongues and Flotsam Metric. EXTRA: A suprise band from Rome, Italy! Join us when the sun shines, keep partying, drinking and eating with us till the stars come out, spread the word and lets MAKE HISTORY!! And where else then Droevendaal!

Argo - Schoolslag Festival

Zaterdag 27 mei van 13:00 tot 23:00



A new initiative by a few students who love sun, drinks and music. Because there is no such Deephouse and Techno festival in Wageningen yet, we are more than proud to announce that the first edition of Schoolslag festival is a FACT. On the 27th of May, we, along with all other students in Wageningen, will party as hard as we can at the lovely outdoor location on the Rijn river!
From 13.00 till 23.00 (yeah, all day, awesome!) you are all invited to come and join us, drink a couple of beers along the water side, feel the cool breeze on your face and dance to insanely good dj’s.

Tickets are ONLY 7.50 euro for an all day festival and beers are ONLY 1.30 (could it get any better?!). That’s right, there is no other festival on this planet with cheaper beers. So what are you waiting for? Get your tickets now on !

To take off your day an additional CHAMPAGNE BRUNCH with incredible reggae tunes on the background will be provided from 12:00 till 13:00 before the festival starts! For only €2,50 extra you can be part of this delicious event and at the same time help a charity. The money raised this day (by the lunch and our stand) will go to REEfolution, a foundation aimed at restoring and creating coral reefs in order to improve and sustain biodiversity in Kenya. Together with local fisherman REEFolution wants to contribute to the awareness of the importance of sustaining natural resources and improving livelihood conditions. We hope to see you there!

*Lunch tickets are only in combination with Festival tickets*
*Student card and ID required


You can contact us by sending a mail to!

ICA - Jamaican Roots

Vrijdag 26 mei van 23:45 tot 05:00

This friday we celebrate the Jamaican culture with our guest Dj Rayzen, which will play the best reggae, reggaeton, dancehall, tropical house but also all other caribean vibes!
As usual, we will have our special shots and tropical cocktails.
The doors open at 24h and close until you loose the enrgy to dance!

A great night is guarateed ;)

★ Entrance 1€ ★

Entrance only with student card, ESN card or ICA members.

International Club Association ®