Evenementen in de maand februari, 2018


KSV - IxESN: Friday Afternoon Drink

Vrijdag 23 februari van 15:30 tot 18:00

Catch up with your friends and take some time to relax after a week of lectures at IxESN and K.S.V. Franciscus' Friday afternoon drink!
You are welcome from 15:30 onward at K.S.V. Franciscus.

Do not forget to bring your ESN card :)

Ceres - open feest: What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas

Donderdag 22 februari van 23:00 tot 05:00

Na weken in de UB gestreden te hebben voor de nodige studiepuntjes, is het de hoogste tijd om weer wat kans te hebben op goed geluk. Donderdag 22 februari zal Ceres omgetoverd worden tot het legendarische Las Vegas. Neem een sourz voor maar 1 munt en geniet van de fantastische live hitjes die ‘The Falcons’ zullen spelen deze avond. Wat extra geluk kan iedereen wel gebruiken de dag voordat de lening binnen komt; daarom zit deze keer bij de entree van 5 euro een gratis munt inbegrepen! See you in Vegas!

✖️ Alleen 18 +
✖️ Deuren open van 23:00 tot 2:00
✖️ Sourz voor slechts 1 munt
✖️ Neem je studentenkaart én ID mee
✖️ Entree: €5,- inclusief 1 consumptiemunt

U kun alleen betalen met uw pinpas, contant geld wordt niet meer geaccepteerd​.

Bunker - Open Party: Why is the rum always gone?

Donderdag 22 februari van 22:00 tot 05:00

At the end of our 8th lustrum, we are going to end with a bang! Enter the pirate ship disguised as 'The Bunker' and dance the night away! When you're getting thirsty, we'll have plenty of rum for you: Mixdrinks w/ rum are 2 coins, and today Cpt. Morgan + Cola is just 1 coin! Also, get 2 special pirate's beers for 3 coins. Come around if you want to have a taste!

All specials of last Tuesday will still count! This means you can get your own tankard (0,5L) of beer (+3 refills) for 6 coins, and a koekie drink for 1 coin. All in all, there is more than enough to choose from!

Entrance fee: FREE
Doors open 22:00-2:00
Bring ID card + Student Card
Coins 1,20

Please keep the volume down outside!

Café Loburg - IxESN & Veste Karaoke Night

Donderdag 22 februari van 20:30 tot 23:00

Show us your talent at IxESN's and Veste's Karaoke Night at Café Loburg!
Bring your friends for a nice drink and have an evening full of music and fun. Entrance is free and open for everyone.

More specific information about the event will follow soon!

Forum - Lunchconcert at Forum

Woensdag 21 februari van 12:15 tot 13:30

On the 21st of February De Ontzetting will give a free concert at the Forum building during lunch. This concert is a preview for the big concert on the 24th of February.
See you there!

Bunker - Lustrum: Pirate's Bunker Night

Dinsdag 20 februari van 22:00 tot 05:00

The Bunker presents: Drinkin' rum in booty bay!

After months of hard work and sailing over the wide open seas, a pirate must celebrate as well. Our second party of the 8th Bunker lustrum will have you celebrate the way pirates do it. DJ Twan will play the best beats while you can enjoy Grolsch beer. Get your own tankard (0,5L), which you can refill 3 times for 6 coins.

Rum: 1 coin
Mixdrinks w/ rum: 2 coins
Koekie drink: 1 coin

Not happy yet? A pirate isn't satisfied easily. That's why we're going to get some erotic entertainment. A stripper will be present at 0:00. So what are you waiting for? Share it with your friends and join the party!

Entrance fee: FREE
Doors open 22:00-2:00
Bring ID card + Student Card
Coins 1,20

Please keep the volume down outside!

Café Loburg - Kabaal Regionaal 2018

Dinsdag 20 februari van 19:00 tot 23:00

Op dinsdag 20 februari strijden acht bands voor een plek op het podium van Kabaal am Gemaal (Bevrijdingsfestival Wageningen 2018).
De avond vindt plaats, zoals je gewend bent, bij Café Loburg!

Deelnemen? Mail dan voor 21 januari naar 'kabaalgemaal@gmail.com'

Gratis entree!

Line-Up Kabaal Regionaal 2018


Café Loburg - IxESN Weekly Drink: Comedy Night Special

Maandag 19 februari van 20:00 tot 23:00

Come join us at our first Weekly Drink of the semester at Café Loburg! It's a perfect opportunity to get together with your (new) friends and Buddy Family. The best kick-off of the new semester in Wageningen!

For those that are interested, they can join a comedy show which starts at 20:00h (doors open 19:30h) for only €7! For more information, check out the event via this link: https://www.facebook.com/events/183782105725197/

Don't forget to bring your valid ESNcard (all fields filled in + photo) to get a discount on drinks and/or your ticket to the comedy show!

Invite your friends, and hope to see you all!

Café Loburg - Emma's Comedy Nights | Wageningen #22

Maandag 19 februari van 20:00 tot 22:30

January made place for February already, the month of the Olympics. We'll do our own Olympics to find out who wins a golden medal for laughing loudest. Five comedians and our MC Emma Holmes will try their best again to give you a night full of fun!

Don't miss it, we'll see you soon!!

Date: 19/02/2018
Doors Open at 19:30
Show Starts at 20:00 (so come on time!)
Location: Café Loburg

IxESN and ISOW students (with valid card): 4€
For the tickets we accept CASH only, drinks can be paid by card!

p.s. If you're interested in visiting a workshop of the Wageningen Comedy Club (every monday except the mondays we host a show), don't hesistate and stop by at Thuis! We start at 20:30 sharp.

Café Loburg - LoburgLive presents: The Wedding Riot + DJ Myluska

Vrijdag 9 februari van 23:00 tot 02:00

The Wedding Riot is a project band that performs only a selected number of shows per year.

Its individual members have a strong preference for alternative rock, post punk and indie styles and this goes for show. With enthusiasm, The Wedding Riot plays known and lesser known covers from back in the eighties till present day (Think of Pixies, The Cure, Joy Division, The National, Radio Head and more). Doing so, approximating the original sound is put central, as is keeping the show very danceable!

The Wedding Riot will start at 23:00 sharp.

After the Concert DJ Myluska will take over the feet on the dancefloor in the domain of alternative styles.

The Wedding Riot has its origin in the last editions of the yearly big alternative parties in "De Wilde Wereld".
Band members: Wiebe Lammers: voice, guitar (former Moxa Overload), Patrick Zimmerman: voice, synthesizer, Martijn Boland: guitar (former Sally & So), Gerrit Scholten: drums (Mark & the Spies) en Johan van Woggelum: bass (former Caperune).

LOCATION: Café Loburg
DATE: Friday 9th of February
TIME: 23:00 hrs sharp